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Are you tired of the energy inefficiency that comes with leaving your patio sliding door open? Do you wish there was a convenient solution to automatically close it, saving you money on your electricity bill? Look no further than the Door Closer.

At Sliding Doors Pro, we understand the importance of conserving energy and reducing unnecessary expenses. That’s why we’ve developed the Door Closer, a revolutionary product designed to automatically close your patio sliding door, ensuring that you’re not wasting precious energy and money.

How Does It Work?

The Door Closer is a simple yet effective device that attaches to your patio sliding door. Using advanced sensors, it detects when the door has been left open for an extended period and automatically initiates the closing process. Say goodbye to worrying about whether you remembered to close the door before leaving the house – the Door Closer has you covered.

Save on Your Electric Bill

Leaving your patio sliding door open can lead to significant energy loss, especially during hot summers or cold winters when your HVAC system is working overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. By installing the Door Closer, you’ll reduce this energy waste, ultimately leading to savings on your electricity bill.

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