Ways to Improve the Security of Sliding Doors Fort Lauderdale

Sliding glass doors may be elegant and valuable, but they also pose security hazards. The main disadvantage of sliding doors is that they lack locks, making them easier to get into for untrained and unskilled criminals. 

Sliding door Fort Lauderdale has different flaws than typical wood or steel door. Recognizing the dangers of sliding doors, many homeowners avoid installing them. But there are several essential things you may take to safeguard your slider device:

Add a Security Bar:

Using a security bar is a simple and efficient way to secure a sliding door Fort Lauderdale. An adjustable dowel similar to a dowel but more flexible is used to prevent the door from slamming open even if the lock is damaged.

Several barricades are available that do not need any installation. Master Lock’s security bar is an excellent example. No holes in the jamb or the wall are required to function.

Stop the trains:

Sliding doors slide along higher and lower tracks to open and shut. One easy technique to improve sliding door security is to place an obstruction in the track. A door blocker is made by reducing a wooden broom handle or dowel to the size that fits the bottom track when the door is closed.

The blocker prevents an intruder from sliding the door open from outside. It would also hinder a curious child or an older family member suffering from disorientation and prone to roaming, both of which many families fear.

Add a security Window Film:

If you want a more secure alternative, you may choose laminated glass, which is incredibly difficult to breakthrough.


Adding a security window coating on the glass would be a more affordable solution. It works by avoiding glass breaking and reassembling shattered pieces. It takes a lot of effort and time to break through a security film that is thick enough. Most criminals give up before entering the residence.

Original locks replacement:

Many people choose to upgrade their sliding door Fort Lauderdale lock from its original model to ensure their safety. Because sliding doors operate in a particular fashion, it is advisable to have the lock fitted by a professional.